Cadence of Acadiana

CADENCE of Acadiana is a non-profit organization to provide diversified community services as well as support coordination services through the Department of Health and Hospitals. Currently we serve three regions consisting of 21 parishes in the state of Louisiana. CADENCE is an acronym for "Coordinate, Advocate, Direct, Educate Neighborhoods, Communities & Environments".

CADENCE believes that meeting the needs of individuals being served involves not only providing assistance but providing opportunities of empowerment so that informed choices can be made while identifying desired personal outcomes. A holistic approach is always practiced with each individual. Social, environmental, medical, safety and economic needs are considered when services are requested. Support Coordination services are provided by CADENCE and designed to help people achieve their highest level of personal and economic independence.

CADENCE of Acadiana's mission:
To enrich the lives of the people we serve by connecting them to appropriate community resources.

Our mission guides our personal and organizational decisions and provides a meter for the direction and delivery of services. We use limited resources wisely and therefore seek out organizational opportunities to utilize community resources and natural supports. Our holistic approach coordinates naturally with our objectives and the services we provide.

CADENCE of Acadiana is recognized as a community leader and a provider of quality services. We welcome the opportunity to continue to serve the community by providing support coordination services to Louisiana.